Var ljuset och skuggorna lever i samspel

I'm a twisted, 17-year-old girl from the forests of Finland. I bow to no one. I post shitloads of band stuff (dsbm/black/folk/melodeath/death metal). I also like things like masochism, naked women, longhaired men, cats and black humour.

As an artist, especially as a singer, you can transmit feelings and if you can feel them so vividly yourself and the music is so well written regardless of what the lyrics are even about, you can just tell your story, or tell a story.

Floor Jansen on ”Ghost Love Score”

(Source: herecomethevultures)


The last uncontaminated lands on our planet. I love nordic countries.


Nightspirit, spirit… Embrace my soul!

[Gifset made by me, please do not remove credit.]

Ah, maybe one day I will grow tired of staring at Ihsahn…

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